Cowboy up!

Giddy up!Last September the class was simply obsessed with horses. We launched into a huge horse project, and of course the cowboys and cowgirls needed horses to ride. We made these stick horses in class with heavy duty cardboard tubes (a fabulous donation from a local business), socks, yarn, buttons, and batting. The kids enjoyed stuffing the socks and sewing the manes, but mostly they enjoyed riding their trusty steeds.

This afternoon my daughter and I headed out in search of ice cream and spotted the same little boy in this picture in front of a store on his horse. I laughed with delight, and waved madly. I was especially impressed when I noticed he added a bridle and reins to the getup. I bet he couldn’t tell you what he got for Christmas or his birthday, but this sock and cardboard creation still captures his imagination. That, my friends, is the very best kind of educational toy.

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One Response to Cowboy up!

  1. Juliann says:

    Isn’t it great when we get a little glimpse into what happenes later, after they leave the classroom? And how wonderful that he has a family who have allowed him to elaborate on something that captured his imagination.

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